Why we made our toothpaste

Ever read the ingredients label on your toothpaste?
It's bonkers. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), titanium dioxide, carrageenan, triclosan - there's even popular toothpaste that just says "flavor" as an ingredient. What does that even mean!?

That foamy, intense clean feeling.
You know it. You love it. The problem? It's not natural. Chemicals and synthetic ingredients are added to create that fresh n' clean feeling. Not only are they not helping - they are actively hurting your oral health and microbiome in many cases.

And fluoride...
Well, let's just say it has a checkered record. Yes, fluoride is proven to effectively strengthen teeth. It's also toxic in large quantities. And there's a growing debate regarding fluoride intake and its safety in general.

So we made our own
Using hydroxyapatite instead of fluoride. Hydroxyapatite is the very mineral that makes up our teeth, so it's safe and just as effective. Plus natural ingredients that you can confidently put in your - and your kiddo's - mouth.

It's not your typical toothpaste
That's sort of the point. It's still fresh and yummy, but does it foam? No. Does it burn? Nope. It might take some getting used to, but the transition is worth it. Your mouth will thank you.

I'm excited to finally have a toothpaste I can recommend to my patients and their families. I use it every day and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Have a happy day!
Dr. Tyler Hanks, DMD, MPH
Happy Tooth Founder