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When shopping Happy Tooth products, you will notice a Subscribe & save and a One-time purchase option. To create your subscription, choose the Subscribe & save option.

Select your desired delivery frequency and add the product to your cart. Complete the checkout process.

In addition to your order confirmation, you will receive a subscription activation notification.

For all subsequent orders, you will receive a notification 3 days before your payment method is charged, reminding you of the upcoming order. If you need to make changes to your order (swap or add product, etc), this is a good time to do it.

You'll receive another notification on the day your payment method is charged. At this point, the order has been processed and changes can no longer be made.

No! Most of our products have a One-time purchase option.

If you complete your purchase at the discounted Subscribe & save price, you are consenting to a subscription.

You can make changes to your subscription here.

If you're having trouble accessing your account, be sure you are using the correct email address.

If you need more help, reach out!

Login to your account.

Add a Product

To add a product to your subscription, click the Add a product button and select the desired product.

Swap a Product

To swap a product, click the product listed under Active subscriptions.

On the next page, scroll past the subscription details and click the Swap product button. Select the desired product.

Login to your account.

Click the product listed under Active subscriptions.

Click the Order frequency option and select the desired time frame.

If you subscribe to multiple products, be sure to complete these steps for each product.

  • ★★★★★

    5 Stars

    “I’m on the subscription with the toothpastes and I absolutely love them. No toothaches since using it and I can see improvement in my teeth enamel and my husband has lots of cavities that no longer bother him. I love this brand, can’t wait to try more of their products”

  • ★★★★★

    Makes Brushing Fun!

    “My ten month old can’t get enough of this thing. He has had eight teeth since he was six months old and he’s been brushing them on his own since about eight months. It’s a good way to let him feel independent while keeping him healthy. Two birds, one stone! The subscription option was great as well because I’m already balancing a busy life.”

    Hannah S.
  • ★★★★★

    Kids love it!!!

    “We have 3 toothpaste options and since getting Happy Tooth vanilla, it’s the only one they want including my sensory child who gags at most flavors. I feel much better about giving it to my 1yo too because it’s safer to swallow than fluoridated toothpastes but he’s getting the remineralization benefit.”