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Hydroxyapatite-powered oral care

Whiten, remineralize, and reduce sensitivity with hydroxyapatite, a safe and effective alternative to fluoride.


  • Kayla Macri, DMD

    "I applaud the kids electric toothbrush you sell. I really think it's the best thing since sliced bread. It's the perfect head size, doesn't rattle too much, and skinny enough for little hands. I love it! Great job!"

  • Julissa Erickson, RDH

    "As a hygienist with 13 years of experience, I've been embracing a more holistic lifestyle, and discovering Happy Tooth has been a great find. In my search for a nontoxic toothpaste that offers protection against cavities, my household has been using Happy Tooth for about a year now. Personally, I find the mint flavor to be enjoyable—it's pleasantly mild and not overwhelming. I wholeheartedly recommend this brand to all my patients seeking a fluoride-free alternative."

  • Erin C. Merrifield, DMD

    “My family has been using Happy Tooth toothpaste for almost a year now. As a dentist and mother of three young children, I’m as worried about my family’s oral health as I am their systemic health. The ingredients in Happy Tooth are both safe and effective, and our check-ups have never been better!

    I’m so thankful hydroxyapatite products are now available over the counter. This wasn’t always the case! Happy Tooth products are truly changing dental care for the better, and I’m thrilled to see this wonderful company making big waves in the oral health market!”

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